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What We Do

We provide research-based knowledge to educational institutions worldwide, furthering understanding of impactful liberal arts educational practices and the development of more effective educational programs, operations, and systems of lasting positive value. To fulfill this purpose:
  • We collaborate with colleges and universities in documenting, through objective research and analysis, their degree of use of liberal arts educational practices that have been found to have a significant long term impact on the lives of their graduates and the societies in which they live.
  • Based on this documentation, analyze policies and the allocation of resources to provide counsel to colleges and universities as they seek to enhance the effectiveness of their educational environment in enhancing mission-based life impact. 
Educators who are seeking ways to enhance the constructive impact of higher education on the lives of individuals and the societies in which we live are invited to join in the nonprofit work of HigherEdImpact .
Additional activities include:
  • strategic research, analysis, planning, and assessment;

  • workshops --

    • for institutional leadership on planning, priority analysis, and effective administration;

    • for trustees and other stakeholders on higher education principles and practices; and

    • for faculty and staff in the understanding and implementing impactful educational practices.

  • the development and strengthening of consortia; and

  • the creation of new institutions of higher education.


Recent Activities

  • Authentic Community: Creating Lives of Consequence, Inquiry, and  Accomplishment. Presentation at the 2021 Institute for Chief Academic Officers with Chief Student Affairs and Chief Diversity Officers, Council of Independent Colleges. 

  • Challenge and Opportunity: Creating an Impactful Education at an International Liberal Arts Institution. Presentation to an international college board of trustees.

Upcoming Activities

  • Evidence for the Remarkable Impact of the Liberal Arts on Life.  Presidents Institute of the Council of Independent Colleges. (January 5, 2022)

  • Lives of Consequence, Inquiry, and Accomplishment: Proof of the Life Impact of Liberal Arts Education for the Common Good. 2022 Annual Meeting of the Association of American Colleges and Universities. (January 20,2022)

  • The Power of the Learning Community: Life-long Benefits for Society and the Individual. 2022 Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association —Cultivating Equitable Education Systems for the 21st Century. (April, 2022)

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