What We Do

We provide extensive experience and research-based knowledge to  educational leadership worldwide, assisting institutions apply impactful liberal arts principles and develop effective educational programs, operations, and systems of lasting positive value.

In support of this goal we provide expertise in:

  • understanding and applying impactful practices of liberal arts education;

  • strategic analysis, planning, and assessment;

  • operational systems and structures;

  • workshops --

    • for institutional leadership on planning, priority analysis, and effective administration;

    • for trustees and other stakeholders on higher education principles and practices; and

    • for faculty addressing the challenging issues facing the professorate.

  • support for international accreditation;

  • the development and strengthening of consortia; and

  • the creation of new institutions of higher education.

Under the leadership of HigherEdImpact founder and managing director Rick Detweiler, PhD (President Emeritus of the Great Lakes Colleges Association and of Hartwick College), an international network of educational leaders with the desired expertise is utilized to provide requested consulting services.